Dusty Lyfe

  • I was born and raised in the Bay Area, in a dysfunctional home where the stability of parental figures varied from moment to moment. With an abusive alcoholic father and a sick dying mother, I often was left to emotionally navigating life alone or looking to peers and other outlets for solace. This would create “Dusty lyfe”. Within Dusty, I am able to turn solely to art, using it to convey the context of my internal conflict. All of the environmental pressures that generate stress and negative effects I externalize through Dusty. I turn the distress into a non-traditional abstract surreality letting my interpersonal perspective become reality through art. I try to create a hyperbolic feeling with loud colors and lines as to express the context of the exact processed moment. Each painting is able to be felt by the colors used, following the process of my internal conflict working itself out. Colors make me happy and most of my work is finalized with bright happy colors letting the conflict I have processed stay underneath the happy and in the piece.

I also create pieces that have been contracted out to me, grasping the vision they wish to have, with my own interpretation using free form colorful expression on large or small objects such as; clothing, skateboards, and even inside or outside walls.

You can find me often painting in the parks around Long Beach or view my work on Instagram @dustylyfe and am currently designing a website.



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Dusty Lyfe
(415) 3687632

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Artist Work

Mothers hum (2020)
"I will put my energy into hummingbirds. Remember that when I'm gone." - My Mom." Mothers hum" inspired by my mother. Her energy flowing through hummingbirds, with it's wings moving so fast it only hums as if she's right there calming her baby, moving faster than able to paint.

Playtime (2020)
Playtime is directly after a break up. It's me (the pig donkey) trying to run away from Chicago and my ex (rat) no longer willing to play her games anymore. My heart is my mouth, hands, and feet slufing off and then stepped on by her as I run away.

7 years (2020)
7years bad luck broken mirror, #7 is lucky, 7 (to10) years we are completely a new cellular makeup. This piece shows reflection of self with broken mirriors, miscellaneous things that can happen in 7years, with madness of bright colors all over reminding us life is beautiful. We're here, we're ok.