Crisselle Mendiola

My work primarily deals with expressing emotions and feelings, which can be seen through my characters. As my illustrations are usually character driven, I aim to tell a story and let people who view my work relate to it or empathize with it. Sometimes these pieces are lighthearted and fun and other times they are not. But either way, these feelings are shown through my distinct style.



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Crisselle Mendiola

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Floating (2018)
This piece was based on my first experience of a sensory deprivation tank. While these tanks are used for mindfulness and meditation, this was difficult for me and ended being an experience that was full of overwhelmed thinking. This illustration shows the many layers of my thoughts while floating.

Toy Phone (2018)
A piece from "Show + Tell" that focuses on nostalgia, this illustration shows one of the toys from my childhood with my own bizarre take.

Ouch!!! (2019)
For the Moxi Art Show, "Ouch!!!" is a roller skating piece meant to capture the universal feeling of the frustration and pain of falling and failing, especially for someone who is new to the sport.