Zoë Bernhardt is the ceramic and fabric artist behind Ceramwitch. Raised in Northern California and Southern Oregon, she is now based in Long Beach California. She makes pieces inspired by the most colorful and spiritual aspects of the natural world. Her strongest muses are the moon and stars, the ocean, wildflowers, and the divine feminine.
The primary goal for her work is to create pieces that have dreamy aesthetics while exuding divine feminine energy to decorate your temple, both body and home, respectively. She thinks it is very important to invite and manifest exactly what you want in your physical life and spiritual mind, and what a better way to do that than through statement art and fashion?
She hopes her work will bring happiness, protection, and lots of rainbows into the lives of its viewers.



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Zoe Bernhardt

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Kawaakari (2019)
Kawakaari: The gleam of last light on a river's surface at dusk. A very personal, yet universal, commentary on the fleetingness of beauty and nature, and at the same time, the ebb and flow of depression. Materials: Ceramic, Moss, Acrylic Flowers, Faux Lashes

Gendered Jars (2019)
Commentary on gender and gender roles in present days society. The full piece is compromised of 4 parts and interactive. It can be viewed on my Instagram over multiple slides. Materials: Ceramic

Trophy of Strength (2020)
Based on the tarot card for strength, this piece comments on the divine feminine emotional strength it takes to push past all the roadblocks and grievances of life in order to carry on. Experimental. Materials: Ceramic

Crochet Fabric Rainbow Earrings (2020)
Hand crocheted rainbow wearable art pieces. Rainbow for confidence and pride, pink for self love and happiness, blue for peace and serenity. Materials: Cotton yarn, silver

Mycelium Spirit (2020)
Experimental digital piece detailing a mushroom woman walking through the woods. It hints at the wild escapism many crave in 2020. Materials: Adobe Photoshop

Forest Spirit (2018)
A protective spirit, guardian like totem creature to those fragile humans that venture far into the woods. Currently watching over my family who live in Oregon while they go mushroom hunting and hiking as part of their daily routine. Materials: Ceramic, Copper