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My name is David McKeag. I have been drawing or painting for as long as I can remember. My educational background related to the field of art is an AA degree in Art from Cerritos Community College graduating in 1983 and a BS degree in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design graduating in 1986.

Since then I have tried my hand at many different types of media and styles. I have concentrated most of my earlier efforts in doing realistic representational
drawings/paintings. Over the years I have tried my hand at more abstract ideas, venturing to the surreal and finally more abstract and to my surprise more introspective works.
I am very much into exploring this more abstract side of my mind, but I still love to create the illusion of reality or altered reality through surrealism.
Why I create art? To express on the outside what I see inside my mind. I produce art that reflects what is going on in my heart and mind. I never paint something that I don’t strongly believe in, weather it is an abstract that expresses pure emotion or a portrait that captures a moment in time forever. Creating is something that is innate in me. I always look at things that strike me with the idea of how can I interpret this on canvas? Do I imitate it to show its original beauty or use how it made me feel to put down on canvas an emotion in color? My mind is all over the place. With my art, you never know what you are going to get from moment to moment.


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David McKeag
(562) 301-0849

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Artist Work

Stars and Stripes Forever (2012)
This is a political satire piece about false patriotism. How we wrap ourselves in the flag as our rights are systematically taken from us.

Destination (2011)
This is the last of a series of 3D mixed media paintings about the evolution of life. This is the future, ordered and systematic, almost mechanical.

Confusion (2012)
I wanted to convey the feeling of confusion through color and texture. A feeling that I know we all have when things in life are out of our control and or are coming at us too fast to absorb information in an orderly fashion.