Arezoo shaabani

Arezoo Shaabani lives and paints in downtown Long Beach, California.
Since childhood, craft artists in her family inspired her to create art in one form or another.
When she starts painting, she travels in her imagination to significant locations in Gilan province at the southwestern coast of the Caspian Sea where she attended law school. Living in that region allowed her to explore Iran’s Ethnic Groups and their unique geography.
Her motherland became her source of inspiration. Her abstract paintings reflect her interest in the beauty of Gilan landscape with its varying shades of green color of rice farms.
Working in acrylic paints, charcoals, inks, and oil paints, she employs a bold color palette, drawn layer by layer to describe the essential harmony she finds in landscapes. Using gestural abstract painting with dynamic sweeping brushstrokes, she expresses the energy of nature.


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Arezoo Shaabani
(315) 664-9290

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Untitled (2020)

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untitled (2020)

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NA (2020)

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