Anise McCurdy

As an artist my goal is to expand out of the Confines of the mind and create solely and freely in the moment. A black canvas to me represent the great void, endless possibilities and countless blessings which is why I paint my canvas black before most of my pieces. Bright bold colors, symbols of spirituality and abstract patterns is what I create during my processes. Being a young woman from Long Beach and seeing the art scene explode I know I am in the right place at the right now and it’s very exciting. I have been painting for 3 years now and cannot see myself without it at this point in time, it has become and beautiful process apart of my every day living and bring much joy and satisfaction to life.



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Anise McCurdy
(562) 588-1955

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Artist Work

Connected (2019)
Here is a depiction of the connectedness of a man and a woman, together and united as one, the yin and yang of the whole.

So Happy (2019)
Trick on the eyes; filled with bright bold om symbols.

Expansion (2018)
A woman expanding into the universal boundlessness