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I was born in western Pennsylvania and have lived in southern California for over 20 years. In 2014, I left my profession as a Creative Director for print media and moved to Shenzhen, China with my husband. I began pursuing my first love… painting. Inspired by the buildings in southern China and a year of travel across southeast Asia, I came back to California with a new found interest in architecture and a fresh eye on the unique retro style of Long Beach.
My work focuses on color, pattern, architecture and type. My style has a basis in simplifying visual imagery into color fields.


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Angela Oliver
(714) 290-0246

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Artist Work

City Center Motel, Long Beach, CA (2017)
This example of Midcentury Architecture is in a sad state in downtown Long Beach.

Orchid Cleaners, Long Beach, CA (2018)
More Midcentury beauty in Long Beach, CA.

Villa Riviera, Long Beach CA (2018)
Beautiful Gothic Architecture in Long Beach, CA.