Call for Teaching Artist 

The San Pedro Waterfront Arts District (Arts District) is seeking a qualified Teaching Artist to bring creative enthusiasm and design skills to help high school students paint an outdoor mural in San Pedro. The selected Teaching Artist will work with the Arts District’s Managing Director to create and finalize a working lesson plan for the student program. The delivered curriculum should cover fundamental lessons in mural history, design and professional practice to students aged 14-19. Led by the Managing Director, the Teaching Artist will successfully collaborate with the student group and the Property Owner to produce a design for a public mural to be executed between June 17th and July 30th and be completed in time for an unveiling ceremony during San Pedro’s First Thursday ArtWalk on August 1st.

 Program Overview

The San Pedro Art District wants to launch a pilot program to give 15-20 high school art students experiences with public art, to be included on their resumes and college applications. The Teaching Artist will guide the students through the foundations of public murals, while working collaboratively with the Arts District’s Managing Director and the Property Owner to create an acceptable, appropriate mural image.

The program consists of two parts – a student design phase, followed by a construction phase. The entire project is scheduled to start on June 17th and conclude with a mural unveiling ceremony during the August FirstThursday ArtWalk (8/1/19). By the conclusion of the student design phase, the artist must use student work and feedback from the Property Owner to formulate a design for a mural to be executed on a wall or garage doors in San Pedro during the next phase of the project. After the first phase concludes, there will be a construction period where the finalized design will be executed by the teaching artist with the volunteer assistance of students from the design phase. The mural will be formally presented to the public on August 1st, in coordination with San Pedro’s First Thursday Art Walk.

Before the program begins the artist will work with the Managing Director to finalize a lesson plan. The Teaching Artist will lead students through projects and activities, to produce the visual material which will serve as the basis of the mural design. During this process, the Teaching Artist must produce a design for the mural, incorporating the student’s work and property owner feedback, as well as a reasonable schedule for executing the approved design, within the project period.


The Teaching Artist will be expected to:

  • Come prepared to work collaboratively on a lesson plan with the Arts District’s Managing Director during of May 2019 and execute the plan when the program begins on June 17th. This part of the process can take place by email/phone.
  • Produce and paint an approved design for a public mural, in collaboration with students/volunteers and that can be reliably completed by August 1st.
  • Communicate regularly with Arts District’s Managing Director.
  • Invest at least 75-100 hours into the program and mural completion.


  • Applicant must be available during the last two weeks in May to help finalize and launch the curriculum of the Student Engagement Program
  • Applicant must be available to teach in San Pedro between June 17th and August1st
  • Applicant must be able to direct a group of students and volunteers to execute the program’s final design. Final design must be approved by the Property Owner, the Managing Director and selected members of the Board.
  • The design must be translated and painted onto a wall in San Pedro by August 1st, when it will be unveiled during San Pedro’s First Thursday Art Walk
  • Applicant must be a practicing artist, dedicated to producing work on a regular basis
  • Applicant must be 21 years or older

Selection Criteria

  •  Artistic excellence, including quality and scope of professional artistic work
  • Engaging teaching style and methods, especially in the field of studio arts, reaching students across diverse skill levels, strong understanding of vocabulary and standards of arts education, and substantial experience with teenagers
  • Strong classroom management skills
  • Professionalism, including ability to plan with others, to articulate goals and to meet administrative requirements
  • A history of successful execution and management of public art projects

 Artist Stipend: $7500 plus approved supplies and expenses. Consideration will be given to fining a volunteer assistant, if needed.

To Apply

For more information visit:

Please send the following in PDF format to:

  • Cover letter describing your interest in this project
  • Artist CV (include email and phone number)
  • Link to your work/portfolio or pdf with images clearly labeled with title, medium, size and date
  • (optional) Link to examples of students’ work or pdf with images clearly labeled with title, medium, size and date

Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, 5:00pm. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. The chosen applicant will be informed via email and phone by May 15th, 2019.