As an artist, I want to create art that the viewers can imagine themselves in. From my more stylized illustrations and murals, to the more realistic drawings and paintings, my goal remains the same. Everyone is beautiful in a special way and it is the artist who is responsible for capturing it.
When I prepare to do a mural, I think of ways to brighten the day of whoever passes by it. I design around the idea of making the viewer stop and embrace their imagination using saturated colors and subject matter everyone can relate to. I always say, “If at least one person a day is affected by my art, then all the effort is worth it in the end.”


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Vladimir Noel

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Artist Work

Star (2018)
A digital portrait ogf "Star." Made to embrace her melanin and culture.

Lady in Red (2018)
A digital portrait emphasizing the subtle differences in skin tone

How to paint faces (2018)
This is a timelapse used to briefly show my process when creating digital portraits.