Victoria Maldonado

Victoria Maldonado is a mixed-media artist, painter, illustrator, and printmaker. Raised in North Long Beach, she began pursuing the arts at a young age. Curiosity feeding into her need for creativity, she treats every new project and skillset with new eyes and a desire to learn. Her work makes commentary on current social issues and as a means for self-healing through personal experiences. Refusing to be forced into any one category, she creates based on concept rather than medium. Through the use of imagery, Victoria finds ways to educate, celebrate and create dialogue about marginalized experiences that the public viewer is often misinformed or unaware about.


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Victoria Maldonado
(562) 852-8795

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Artist Work

Saint Marsha (2018)
Trans activist Marsha P. Johnson is re-imagined as a Saint -- referenced primarily from Saint Michael the Archangel. Accompanying Johnson is all the names of the trans women killed within the last year.

KING (2018)
Rapper Kendrick Lamar curated and produced the soundtrack album of motion picture, Black Panther -- this print serves to honor his contribution as well as celebrate African and African American culture.

Pulse (2018)
This painting serves as tribute to the victims, survivors and families involved in the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place in Orlando, Florida of June 2016. The names shown are there as a reminder to never forget their names.