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Began my music career in 1966, over 50 years professional performing and educating experience! I am based in Long Beach and maintain a strong presence wth major arts & cultural institutions: LB Aquarium of the Pacific (17 years), CALB (5 years) and MOLAA (33 years). I perform frequently for these clients as well as in schools, libraries, museums, festivals and events/tours out of state and internationally. As an instrument builder, I have made with my students, all ages, more than 70,000 instruments since 1990. As a lecturer, I have presented many times at UCLA, CSFU, Oxnard College and La Verne College.

In 1975, I began the scholarly study of the music of my ancestral Mexico as well as other North, Central and South American music and culture. Since then, I have become a recognized scholar in the music and culture of Ancient Mexico. I am a practicing traditional artist who is also an experimental sound artist and sound healing artist, based in nueroscience.

I offer
** INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE – All Ages                                                                                                        ** INSTRUMENT MAKING SESSIONS – All Ages                                                                                                 ** NATIVE DRUM CIRCLE                                                                                                                                        ** SOUND BATH/SOUND HEALING                                                                                                                          ** LECTURES: Music & Culture
** ART PROJECTS – Indigenous Mexican

Besides public performance as a Soloist or with my group, MEXIKA “Music & Dance of Ancient Mexico”, I am in high demand in schools to conduct assemblies and artist residencies (instrument making and native American music) via Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (since 2008) and Young Audiences of Kern, Young Audiences of Northen CA and Kern County Arts Council (since 1998) and my independent contracts.

50 Years of strong experience on and off stage at all types of venues and events. This is meant to give you the confidence about my work/art and my attitude. I am known for getting the job done and going the extra mile.

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Martin Espino
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MEXIKA "Music & Dance of Ancient Mexico" -

Drum (2018)
Frame Drum workshop

Bamboo Native Flute (2013)