Maria Dawn

Maria Dawn (MADDAWN) is a material-process-based, conceptual-figurative-artist, concepts evolving from the human animal, the human machine, and other subsets relating to mortality; scientific hoaxes, rituals, the home, and off-pop-culture paradigms. Her work exist in a purgatory mingling abject and humor embodying themes of guilt, shame, hope, and faith.

Maria Dawn currently resides in Southern California for the past six years she was living in Oakland, CA where she attended San Francisco Art Institute studying painting, new genres, and film. She has a bachelors in psychology from the University of Cincinnati, where she was born and grew up. Child of a southern-baptist preacher and medical billing specialist, she grew up playing soccer and basketball, backyard-cul-de-sac life exploring suburbs on foot and bike, growing up with cousins, watched by grandparents, part of the workforce since 15, restaurants, offices, detention centers, and grocery stores. Her interests in making objects began at a young age by helping her grandfather put together his homemade fishing lures, mailing them around the country.

Since graduating from San Francisco Art Institute she has performed pieces at Yerba Beuna Contemporary Art, Southern Exposure, Adobe Books, and the de Young Museum. Her art work has appeared at the Luggage Store Gallery Project Space, the International UFO Museum, the Incline Gallery and The Hatch in Oakland. The Institute of Hilda Hilst published an article on her performance “Becoming the Wall”, and she had a photograph published in the performance magazine, V̶E̶N̶T̶R̶I̶L̶O̶Q̶U̶I̶S̶T̶. Her most recent gigs include landscaping, bartending, and gallery attendant.

Artist Work

Duel (2017)
Oil, bedsheets, watercolor, on loose canvas hung stretched on wall with brass fabric pins, 42” x 34", 2017(part of the double-headed collection)

I am John Wayne 1 (2013)
The I Am John Wayne Series features I Am John Wayne 1, 2, and 3 1 and 2 are made from loose canvas painted, poured watered, on scrutched gessoed, folded, molded, bleached, and streched different times over a 4 month period,

10 of . . . (2016)
Mixed media drawing using the 10 of Swords theme

Found Object (2018)
VideoA woman finds an object that begins to control her. 5:36