Helen Werner Cox

I make art because there are things I feel that no words can express. Art allows me to channel anxieties and find peace. It connects me to this world I live in and permits me to communicate with others on an intuitive, subconscious level; people will respond to my work based on their own feelings and experiences.

Perhaps Michael Paraskos put it best when he said “Art is a quest for meaning based on a constantly shifting series of relationships, between the artist, the material from which they make their work and the material world they encounter ‘out there.’” (Regeneration: part 2)

Thus far, my work has been figurative, observational, and metaphorical. It is primarily painting and drawing, but includes print-making and wood-carving. Constant exploration and discovery push me in different directions at different times, which I consider critical for growth. Silent Screams was a three-year intensive project using the antique carousel as a metaphor for the circles we spin, the screams no one hears, and events over which we have no control.

Currently I am working on The Millennials, a series of intimate portraits of young people that emphasize collaboration to determine composition, theme, and color palette. The collaborative process provides a unique opportunity to give voice to the young people who pose in this project, and allows me to explore pathways I would otherwise not have imagined.

My work is included in collections at the Bradbury Art Museum in Arkansas, the Merry Go Round Museum in Ohio, and the Running Horse Studio Collection in California. It has received several awards, including first place at the City of Brea Art Gallery, Made in California Juried Exhibition, 2016.



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Helen Werner Cox
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Artist Work

Interpretations: The Mandarin Dress (2018)
Darwin allowed me to appropriate his "selfies" as the basis for observational drawings. We recreated backgrounds, outfits, and poses. I interpreted the poses without his explanations, which created multiple layers of meaning. This is one image in a triptych that expresses different aspects of his identity. 33" x 45"

The Tea Party (2017)
Darwin’s love of theater and tea parties inspired this painting. Humpty Dumpty alludes to past performances and current politics. The viewer becomes part of the scene through the triangle formed by eye contact—as they look at Darwin, he contemplates Humpty, who stares back at them. Oil, 48" x 36"

Steven (2017)
The confines of my studio space and closeness of the model resulted in the extreme angles formed in this painting. It became a metaphor for the pressures of living in this modern world. Oil, 44" x 34"