Gregg Young & the 2nd Street Band

Revered as one of the hottest jazz bands in LA, multi-genre, award-winning Gregg Young & the 2nd Street Band continue to bring musical excellence to the community. Led by award-winning guitarist and vocalist Gregg Young, The 2nd Street Band is currently the house band at the iconic California Landmark, The Dome Arclight Entertainment Center in Hollywood.

Young is also the owner and founder of Shore Records. He is a voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammys) as well as a member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

The band, originally named The Gregg Young Project, has won Best Blues, Best Funk/Groove for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, as well Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year for the LA Music Awards.

Additionally, the band has been nominated Best Jazz, Best Pop, Best Latin, and most recently Best Americana/Folk/Acoustic for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. In 2016, Gregg Young and the band released their album, Portraits, which is Grammy considered in three different categories. In 2017, the band released their latest single, Together (A) that was considered for a Grammy for the Best American Roots category.


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Gregg Young
(562) 433-4858

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Artist Work

Chameleon - City of Irvine
We're playing live for the city of Irvine's 40th Anniversary for 2,000 folks. The video demonstrates the virtuosity of the individual players as well as the cohesive tight ensemble work.

India Mine - LB Marathon
We played Gregg Young & the 2nd Street Steel Drum Band for the runners. India Mine was written for the opening of the movie, The Hundred Foot Journey and has a Bollywood vibe. There is no studio recording of this song only this live YouTube video . Runners love us!

Las Cruces Magazine - Meet Gregg Young
Article about Gregg composing and writing “I Want to Be An Astronaut”. Gregg was commissioned by state of New Mexico for America’s first spaceport to record his original work, “I Want to Be An Astronaut”. This is the official song of Spaceport America Tour and Visitor Center. Video link:

News Enterprise - Area Musician gets on Grammy Ballot
Due to the divisiveness and negativity brought on by the 2016 campaign, Gregg crafted his first positive, uplifting, and patriotic song, Together (A). Together (A) was considered in the Best American Roots Category for a Grammy and continues to receive an amazing support via quotes on Youtube video. Link:

Link to News Enterprise - Area Musician gets on Grammy Ballot