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Ezra’s abstract paintings explore geometrical forms in nature and in urban environments. They are a reflection of a fresh artist looking at the world in constant awe. Ezra has both an artistic and scientific mind that never settles with an idea, style or media. In his words: “artistic expression has been the most liberating enterprise in which I have been involved. My thoughts and ideas flow from a time scale that include views of my ancestors in Spain, Turkey, Cuba and Mexico to my most current experiences in the USA and traveling around the world. I don’t have to be in agreement with history, with an art movement or style, wait for an RFP or for scientific peer review. My thoughts arise instinctively and naturally and I use them to create art pieces for which I have no expectations.” Merging ideas from art, culture and science have resulted in Ezra’s construction of new forms and spaces, and reformulation of known geometric forms and space— a child’s game with no end.


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South View (2017)
The journey to the north is not without incidents and a beautiful memory remains in contrast to what lies ahead. Winner of the 1st place on May 2017 in the VOTE4ART App, Switzerland Digital painting. Direct print on aluminum dibond (7-color printing technique, matte finish, signed, ready to hang.

Modernite (2017)
A woman posing on an imaginary lake in Mission Valley, a wide river valley in San Diego, California Digital painting in direct print on aluminum dibond with a 7-color printing technique, matte finish. Signed, ready to hang.

Dream (2016)
I had a dream where pink flowers were bathed by the shadows of tree branches and cushioned by clouds Original photo print, Fuji Crystal DP II, behind acrylic 0 25 in thick high-end, maximum effect, & permanently elastic silicone, image dimensions: 16 H x 16 W x 0 2 in.

Ezra Bejar at Saatchi Art (2017)
Ezra Bejar at Saatchi Art. Best 100 pieces from 2010-2017

Link to Ezra Bejar at Saatchi Art