Alepsis Hernandez

My work is mostly achromatic and done in charcoal and acrylic. “His Name: The thin line between lust and love.” was a series I started in the beginning of 2018. In the eight works created I aimed to show the sensual side of being in a relationship along with what comes with it. The collection was done in charcoal or acrylic and are achromatic pieces. My initial intention for choosing this palette was to create censorship between the viewer and the work; as some of these moments are intimate. Later on in the process and with the response my work was receiving, the absence of color served also as a blank. This allowed for the viewer to fill in the colors with there own experiences that dealt with sparks of infatuation, moments of vulnerability, and acceptance of being lost in love.



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Alepsis Hernandez

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Don't Just Stare (2018)

Sunday Evening (2018)

Who Do You Look Up To (2018)